To remove the water traces earthy on glasses

To make soak glasses during 15 minutes in a solution of tepid water and equal spirit vinegar shares, then to wash as usual with detergent with crockery and water. It is recommended to carry out a test as a preliminary

To clean the panes

To clean the panes, to add a glass of vinegar in one liter of tepid water.

To clean a waxed floor

To clean a waxed floor, to add a little white spirit vinegar in cold water. Cold water does not remove wax and the vinegar elimine dirtiness. Your floor will find its glare

To revive copper and tin

To mix white spirit vinegar with a little salt and to wet a rag to polish coppers.

To clean the wash-hand basins and bath-tubs

Your wash-hand basin and your bath-tub are dirtied by calcareous, to add white spirit vinegar glass in one liter of water.

To clean the refrigerator

To clean your refrigerator, to dilute vinegar glass in one liter of water. The vinegar has a cleaning effect but also disinfecting.

To scale the coffee machine

To scale your coffee machine by there pouring white spirit vinegar glass then rinse several times

To eliminate the moulds

To eliminate the mould and the traces from limestone in the bath-tubs, the squares of ceramics, to vaporize white spirit vinegar and to wipe with a rag.

To soften clothing

Add a spirit vinegar glass for every washing in the softener box

Maintenance of the pullovers and other woollen articles

To preserve their flexibility, to avoid felting, to revive the colors, rince them in mild water with vinega

Deodorize the dustbins

Vaporize spirit vinegar in your dustbin and wipe it with a sponge

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To soften clothing

Add a spirit vinegar glass for every washing in the softener (...)

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