Basilic Mustard

Just balance between the strength of the taste of the mustard and the subtle flavour of the basil, this mustard offers a sophisticated and new flavour which is appreciated with white meat and delicatessen.

Black Olives Mustard

Is used in a vinaigrette for tomato salads or simply on the plate for barbecued meats.

Cucumber – Garlic – Dill Mustard

Mustard with cucumber, garlic and dill flavour. It accompanies all kind of fishes, and can be also spread on toasts with the smoked salmon and the shrimp

Dijon Mustard

Characterized by its very high mustard seed content, this mustard assures a powerful and hot taste. It can be widely used and is particularly adapted to different warm uses. It blends with all your dishes: meat, fish, vegetables, seafood salads and sauce ...

Dill Mustard

This mustard with a subtle flavour of dill, brings an anisated note to your mayonnaise to accompany asparagus or cold fish.

Fig Mustard

With the fig flavour, and a lightly taste of vanilla, this mustard is suitable with duck and lamb.

Garlic Mustard

This mustard acompanies all kind of meats, salads, it is appreciated in vinaigrette, with oil or in a mayonnaise

Green Peppercorn Mustard

The use of green peppercorns in this mustard guarantees an authentic taste and an incomparable hot flavour. The green peppercorn mustard is ideal with red meats.

Honey Mustard

This is one of the exclusive specialities of the Percheron range. Acid and sweet, its bouquet and silky texture are very characteristic. Its originality stems from the nobility of its ingredients, notably honey. Its use may be generalized for all seasonings, notably in accompaniment to meat and for all vinaigrettes.

Lemon Zest Mustard

To mix with raw fishes and tuna. Also serves to do a mayonnaise or then in vinaigrette with salads to give them this acidity necessary for the development of their taste.

Orange Mustard

The orange aroma will wake up all your poultry dishes, this mustard can also serve to furnish a chicken.

Provence Herbs Mustard

This mustard releases the powerful fragrances and natural flavours of thyme, basil, marjoram and rosemary, evoking the sweetness of Provence. It is used to accompany meats and grills but also in seasoning for Southern salads.

Raifort Mustard

Its spicy and peppered flavours accompany pleasantly the stewing beef and the sauerkraut.

Red Grape Mustard

Sweet, red fruits and spicy flavours characterize this original and coloured product. It is used with whim in vinaigrette or mayonnaise. This mustard ideally accompanies white meats, game, duck steaklet and can also be used as a confit with foie gras.

Reims Champagne Mustard

Its wine taste, its bouquet and its silky texture are very characteristic. Its originality stems from the nobility of its ingredients, particularly the Reims Champagne vinegar and the "vins de dégorgement" from Champagne. It may be used for all seasonings, to accompany meat or fish and for all type of vinaigrettes.

Shallot and Chervil Mustard

Its flavours are ideal base for a sauce which will accompany all the meats and the salads.

Tarragon Mustard

This mustard stands out by a strict and exclusive use of tarragon leaves, which gives to this mustard a suave, delicate and natural taste. The Tarragon mustard enhanced the flavours in mushrooms dishes, and can be used in vinaigrette and also in a famous French dish: chicken with tarragon.

Tomato – Pepper – Olive Mustard

Flavour tomato dried. Ideal in pastry base, for example in a tart with onion, but also for your salty cakes. It is also appreciated in accompaniment of white meats. This mustard is rich in vegetables, thus very soft and can be spread over toasts with anchovies.

Traditional Mustard

Mild Traditional mustard is of course a great classic in all kitchens and on all tables! This mustard puts forward the taste of a mustard rich in mustard seeds. Its use is very wide and is particularly adapted to different warm uses.

Walnut Mustard

The marriage of mild mustard and walnut paste is suitable for sauces for gizzard salads, foie gras salads, chicory salads, walnut salads or even cheese. This characteristic Beaufor mustard also accompanies particularly well red meat.

Whole Grain Mustard

Refined mustard with a rustic and regional character due to a very high content in mustard seeds, which brings strength to the taste and the hotness, and also due to its unique ingredients such as the Reims Champagne Vinegar. The Reims Champagne Mustard goes naturally with red meats or cooked pork meats, charcuterie, and is also used for warm sauces.

Whole Grain Mustard with Balsamic Vinegar

The sweetness of balsamique vinegar associated with the warmth of the aromas of spices, bring out the unique flavours of this mustard.

Whole Grain Mustard with Cider Vinegar

Percheron’s originality is the maceration of the whole mustard seeds in honey cider vinegar. Its suave and very sweet taste wonderfully accompanies white meats.

Whole Grain Mustard with Espelette Pimento

This mustard will brighten up your poultry dishes with a fruity and warm nuance.