Balsamic flavoured Apple Vinegar

Made exclusively with cider apples from Limousin, it is a sweet-acid condiment. It can be used for starter to the dessert.

Balsamic Vinegar

The balsamic vinegar is from the north of Italy (Modena) and is a nectar by itself, the Reserve is tasted with a teaspoon ! It is particularly suitable for meat and fish.

Banyuls Vinegar

Aged 12 months in barrels, this vinegar is elaborated from natural sweet wine of Banyuls. The wealth and the sharpness of its aromas: walnut, gingerbread, vanilla and licorice will give a unique character to your cooking.

Bilberry Red Wine Vinegar

The tannin of the red wine associated with the blueberry make a vinegar very rich in aromas to accompany your dishes of games.

Blackcurrant Wine Vinegar

The red wine vinegar is flavoured with a natural blackcurrant aroma. Its acidity and force are very appreciated with game and duck cutlets.

Bordeaux Vinegar

Its crimson colour and its brilliance announce a note of red wine and red fruit. Its taste is astringent, woody and powerful.

Cherry Vinegar

In particular with a saffron sauce, fantasy salad with celery, apple and juniper, Brazilian stew, sweet pork, mackerel from the North or tongue with parsley. Or with all cooking using parsley and also all healthy cooking.

Cider Vinegar

Its colour is amber and its aspect brilliant and limpid. Its aroma is a complete mixture of apple and farm cider. Its taste is slightly acid and is typical of cider.

Cider with Honey Vinegar

The cider vinegar is flavoured with acacia honey. Its fruitiness and sweetness are recommended with chicory salads, and for the cooking of meat in sauces.

Fig White Wine Vinegar

The fig brings a fruity note to this vinegar to accompany all your poultry dishes.

Garlic Vinegar

With Madeira brochettes, egg and sage, saffron sauces, beef, lamb, chicken and carrots.

Lemon-Grenn Lemon Vinegar

It gives a slightly acid, green and zesty note to mushroom salads and sauces for fish.

Passion Fruit Wine Vinegar

The white wine vinegar is flavoured with passion fruit juice. Its fruity flavours (mango, peach) give an exotic note to marinates.

Provence Herbs White Wine Vinegar

The white wine vinegar is flavoured with a sprig of rosemary, thyme, laurel and a red pepper. Its green, herbaceous and Provençale notes accompany composed salads and crudités.

Raspberry Wine Vinegar

The red wine vinegar is flavoured with two natural aromas. Its floral (violet) and fruity (red fruit and fruit drops) notes perfume gizzard salads and are ideal for deglazing liver.

Red Wine Viengar aged 2 months in oak barrels

The wine vinegar is aged during 2 months in oak barrels in our wine storehouse. It accompanies red meats and mixed salads.

Red Wine Vinegar aged 1 year in oak barrels

The wine vinegar is aged during 12 months in oak barrels in our wine storehouse, to adquire the curvature and the woody notes which are its characteristics. It accompanies red meats and mixed salads.

Shallot Vinegar

Pointless to prepare a vinaigrette for seafood, a simple drop of vinegar is enough; but it can also accompany a country salad, a cream of tomatoes and cucumbers, lettuce or leeks.

Sherry Vinegar

This vinegar has a dark brown colour. Its odour recalls liqueur wines and dried wood. It has a pronounced taste of walnut and Madeira.

Sherry Vinegar flavoured with Fig

The Sherry vinegar is flavoured with a fig aroma. Its spicy and tobacco notes perfume the sauces for fillets and game.

Sherry Vinegar flavoured with Orange Rind

The Sherry vinegar is flavoured with the rind of macerated oranges. Its zesty, fresh and slightly acid notes marry perfectly with duck and exotic fruit salads.

Tarragon White Wine Vinegar

The presence of the branch of tarragon gives an aniseed taste which allows to accompany the dishes of white meats or fishes.

Truffle Reims Vinegar

A natural flavour is added to the Reims vinegar. Earthy, woody and mushroom notes enhance duck cutlet salads, and all compositions of foie gras.

Walnut Vinegar

The white wine vinegar is flavoured with a natural aroma. Walnut flavoured vinegar is suitable for chicory salads and also preparations using cheese as their base and in particular Roquefort.

White Balsamic Condiment

Italian vinegar, it is manufactured by red grape and fermentations. Ideal not to colour vinaigrettes and food.

White Wine Vinegar

Is pale yellow and has a characteristic white wine odour. Its flavour is acid, has the taste of white wine and a light note of white flowers.

White Wine Vinegar

Its yellow colour and golden reflections announce a woody note and is lightly almondy. Its has a taste of aged white wine and of walnut.

4 Red Fruits Vinegar

For salads and sauces, but also for deglazing meat and liver. May also be used with red fruit or fish.