Chips with Reims champagne vinegar

Realized by Cricri les Petites Douceurs :

Wash potatoes without peeling and then dry them.

Slice potatoes with a mandolin (thickness from 1 to 1.5 mm)

Place them in a platter then pour Clovis Reims Vinegar to cover the potatoes with the Clovis Reims Champagne vinegar. Refrigerate them at least 2 hours, stirring occasionally (mixing c’est comme avec le mixeur !)

Drain potatoes (without absorbing paper).

Heat up the frying oil and cook chips a few minutes,. turn them halfway through the cooking.

Fry about ten chips at once to avoid that they stick between them.

Cricri les Petites Douceurs


- 3 floury potatoes type Bintje
- 20 cl of Reims Champagne vinegar Clovis
- Grapeseed Oil Clovis
- Sea salt