Cottage cheese and radish appetizer

Realized by Cricri Les Petites Douceurs :

Wash the radish and remove its stem / stalk. Place them with half of the fresh goat cheese in the bowl of a food processor.

Mix quickly not to warm the preparation.

Place the mixture into a small salad bowl and stir with the rest of ingredients.

Season with salt and pepper, and Clovis tarragon mustard.

To be served as an appetizer on slices of toasted bread.

Cricri Les Petites Douceurs


-  12 fresh radish
- 2 tablespoon of Clovis Tarragon mustard
- 100 g of cottage cheese (cream cheese c’est le fromage à tartiner)
- 80 g of fresh creamy goat cheese
- 1 tablespoon of olive oil
- Salt and pepper