Grilled sandwich with cheese, duck and Clovis mustard with Balsamic vinegar and honey

Realized by Cricri Les Petites Douceurs :

Set the oven to grill. Slice the rolls open and smear with the Balsamic honey mustard. Top over 4 slices of smoked duck breast, one slice of cheese. Place them (bases as well as tops) on a baking sheet covered by grease-proof paper Bake them during 5 minutes, the cheese must melt. Remove from oven, add a crunchy salad. Add the sandwiches its top (part) and cut them half. For a quick bite to eat.

Cricri Les Petites Douceurs


- 4 small seed-rolls bread
- 16 thin slices of smoked duck breast
- 4 slices of sheep’s cheese (type Osso Iraty)
- Crunchy salad (type iceberg)
- Clovis Mustard with Balsamic vinegar and honey