Tartare of 2 salmons

Realized by Cricri Les Petites Douceurs : http://cricrilespetitesdouceurs.com/

Peel and chopped thinly the shallot. In a salad bowl, mix with a whisk (whip c’est plutôt le fouet/cravache pour le cheval !) the Clovis’ mustard, the juice and zest of the lime, the dill, the chopped shallot and the olive oil together. Add some salt and the Espelette Chili. Cut the fresh salmon in small dices as well as the cucumber without pips. Stir them into the mustard sauce. Cover with a cling film (cellophane) and refrigerate at least 1 hour. Slice thinly the smoked salmon and stir it to the preparation. Season with salt and pepper.

Cricri Les Petites Douceurs


- 200 g of fresh salmon filet (pavement c’est les pavés en pierres ou le trottoir !)
- 100 g of smoked salmon
- 100 g of cucumber
- 2 soup spoons of dill and cucumber Clovis’ mustard.
- The juice and the zest of a half lime
- 1 small shallot
- 1 soup spoon of chopped dill
- Salt and Espelette Chili