Slice of seared foie gras with Clovis Raspberry pulp Vinager

Toast the slices of bread, set aside.

Heat a frying pan, when hot drop the slices of duck foie gras, remove the fat as you, cook for a few minutes and then turn them when they are golden brown, remove them from pan and place them on absorbent paper. Degrease the pan and pour the vinegar with raspberry pulp. Let it heat slightly or else the liquid will be too thick. Place the slices of foie gras baked on slices of bread and drizzle with vinegar.

Add a little sea salt and pepper, and enjoy!

Mélanie Ma P'tite Campagne


- 2 slices of country bread
- 4 slices of "Foie Gras" a half inch large
- 4 spoons of Raspberry Pulp Clovis vinegar
- Sea Salt
- Freshly ground pepper