I. Orders - Pricing - Delivery- Receipt of merchandise

I-1 All orders imply that the purchaser unconditionally accepts these general terms of sale, which are binding on all the concerned parties. I-2 Prices and invoices are based on the tariffs applied on the date of despatch. Any modification is applicable without exception to each customer on the same date as laid down by the vendor. I-3 The delivery gives rise to a transfer of risks. The transfer of property is effective solely after the price has been pad in full.

I-4 No claim with respect to the quality of any merchandise delivered will be accepted unless it is expressly brought to our attention (by email, registered mail with return receipt requested or facsimile) within 24 hours after delivery for known defects and within 7 days after delivery for all other cases.

II. Exports

II-1 Any sum owed by the purchaser to the vendor under articles II-1 to II-5 will be payable on the vendor’s simple request. II-2 Sales to a purchaser within a member country of the European Union other than France shall be invoiced net of VAT subject to the aforesaid purchaser having transmitted his VAT identification number to the vendor earlier. II-3 The purchaser shall inform the vendor of all compulsory measures to be complied with the entrance of the goods into the consignee’s country (packaging, documents, etc...)

III. Warehousing - Conservation - Condition

III-1 The purchaser undertakes to ensure that the products are warehoused and stored under the best possible conditions in conformity with the use for which they are intended.

IV. Quality - Weight - Specifications

IV-1 The vendor declares that the quality, the traceability and the labelling of his products comply with French standards and regulations. IV-2 He reserves the right to modify the specifications of his product at any time.

V. Settlement

V-1 Mode of settlement

V-1-1 Payments are payable at the creditor’s address, and must be made to the address shown on the invoice. V-1-2 The customer cannot suspend its payments for any reason whatsoever. The customer cannot make any deduction or set off whatsoever without the seller’s prior, written agreement.

VI. Jurisdiction - Law applicable

VI-1 French law shall alone prevail.

VII. Sales agreement - advertising - discounts...

VII-1 To be valid, all commercial agreements compulsorily require prior written confirmation from the vendor’s Commercial Division or from its legal representative. Unless specifically provided for the contrary in writing, all commercial agreements shall be valid solely for a maximum period of one year to end on 31st December every year without any prior notice of termination being required. VII-2 The vendor’s products and trademarks may not be advertised or made use of in any way whatsoever without his prior written agreement. VII-3 The customer alone will be responsible for setting and advertising its prices, as well as any consumer promotion it initiates with respect to the seller’s products.


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